Hendrick House Application Here



    We still have east double rooms for next year. However, applications are coming in at a rapid pace. We encourage you to sign up now to secure your space for Fall 2017. 


    Room Type Status

    East Double   Available 

    West Double *Wait List

    East Single   *Wait List

    West Single  *Wait List







    If you would like to be on the waitlist,

    please sign a contract for the east building. 


    Unfortunately, we are unable to predict the liklihood of a single space or west building space opening up. You are welcome to check back here for room status updates.


    There are several factors that influence openings as we move toward the fall. 


    1.) The rate of cancellation

    2.) Your placement on the waiting list

    3.) The rate of cancellation of those who are on the waiting list




    Process to Apply

    Decide on your room type and meal plan then complete an online application.


    Hendrick House will email you a legally binding, housing contract for signatures from you and your parent/guardian. All contracts require a parents/guardian signature to guarantee payment. 


    Sign the contract; pay your application fee and down payment (total of $300.00) on the contract and return it to our office by the deadline on the contract. Be sure to include a copy of your parent's passport or state ID with an image of their signature.


    This payment is non-refundable. Hendrick House will return a signed contract to confirm your space. 


    Thank you for your interest in Hendrick House!